Trooper, Bruce Cockburn, Deadmau5 among musicians honoured at SOCAN bash

TORONTO – No Trooper song is more famous than the arena-ready rallying cry “Raise a Little Hell” and, as it turns out, no Trooper song is much older, either.

As the Vancouver group claimed the national achievement award at an annual gala put on by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada on Monday, they reminisced on the origins of their most enduring hit.

Even though the fist-pumping rock tune wasn’t released on an album until the group’s 1978 double-platinum smash “Thick as Thieves,” the song – which gave Trooper its only Hot 100 hit Stateside – actually dates back to vocalist Ra McGuire’s teen years, standing as one of the very first songs they wrote.

As for its inspiration? Well, anyone with a teenaged child could probably take a pretty accurate guess.

“I was pissed at my mom,” McGuire recalled as he stood next to the group’s founding guitarist Brian Smith at the SOCAN bash Monday, noting that a “major part” of the song’s lyrics dated back to when he was 14 or 15 years old.

So, what exactly did his mother do to earn his tuneful scorn?

“It was my mother,” he replied, shrugging. “You never got mad at your mother?”

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