Greenfield, N.S. resident upset property is used as illegal dump

GREENFIELD, N.S. – Residents in a small Nova Scotia community are fed up with the increasing amount of illegal dump sites in their neighbourhood.

One property owner says the amount of garbage he finds on his Greenfield property is disturbing, especially since most of it could have been disposed of through municipal waste management — at no cost.

“I don’t mind people using my land, but I don’t like them leaving garbage on it,” Ross Parks said in an interview with Global News.

He said he’s been finding illegal dump sites on his property for more than two decades, with people tossing almost everything — including furniture, electronics, clothes and household trash — on his land.

“I can’t understand people,” he said. “They have a place to get rid of it.”

A lot of what has been discarded could have been picked up for free, by garbage collectors, or dropped off free-of-charge at recycling depots.

According to J.P. Wood, a waste management officer for Colchester county, it’s probably costing people more to ditch their garbage on Parks’ property than to take it to an actual waste site.

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“As far as what’s being saved here by dumping it,” he said referring to a pile of construction and demolition material on Parks’ property, “they’re looking at $5-$10 costs,” he said. “The gas to take it to where we are now exceeds what it would have cost to take it to Kemptown.”

Parks said he’s sometimes able to track down the owner of the garbage by sifting through the trash for identification.

But according to Wood, often times owners don’t know their garbage was illegally dumped.

“Whether they’ve employed somebody and given them money to drop it off… or it’s construction demolition material where there’s a tip fee, I see people that pocket the money and dump the material,” he said.

“I found a phone bill with a name, address and cell number,” Wood said. “So, I’ll follow up with the individual after we’re done and [see] how we can resolve this.”

Waste management officials said the latest illegal dump site was cleaned up by the end of the day Monday.