Widow of Baxters Corner shooting victim speaks about losing husband, loving father

BAXTERS CORNER, N.B. – No charges have been laid yet in the investigation into a shooting in Baxters Corner, N.B. a little more than a week ago.

Ryan Firlotte was fatally shot and two other men, including his brother Michael, were seriously wounded.

The 31-year-old’s family laid him to rest on Friday.

“I can tell the story. But, when I start to think about the love and the closeness that him and I had together, that I’m never going to have again [and] that I never want again, that kills me,” Erin Robson, Firlotte’s partner of 10 years, said in an interview Monday.

RCMP were called to the Raymond Drive residence around 6:00 p.m. on Nov. 11.

Mounties said three armed men went to a home on Route 820 and got into an altercation, before shots were fired.

Nearby residents said say the injured men left the scene in a red car, which was driven to the Raymond Drive home.

“I was screaming, ‘Where’s Ryan,’” Robson recounted.

“I knew Mikey was okay. I saw Chris. They were both talking to me [but] I didn’t know where Ryan was.”

She found him laying in the back seat of a car.

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“I climbed into the back seat and I was sort of straddling him, holding his head and his arm at the same time.”

Officers arrested one man at the scene, but he was later released. Police have not yet laid any charges in connection with the shooting.

Robson said Firlotte had three loves — her, their children Anthony and Kelsee, and his friends.

He would do anything for any of them, she said.

“He was a really good dad… He loved his babies,” Robson said. “I wasn’t even allowed to get mad at Kelsee. I said ‘How am I supposed to discipline her, Ryan, if you don’t let me get mad at her?’ Nope, that was his princess.”

Robson said she’s turning her concentration on the investigation and helping the RCMP put together what happened that day.